Tuesday, 2 June 2009

KOTOR: Romance (Bastila, Carth, Juhani)

To trigger romance with Carth, Bastila or Juhani, speak to them often, especially after you finish each planet, until the topic is exhausted. Try to be sympathetic with them, otherwise the romance may end at some point.

You must complete
their Side-Quests for the subplot to continue. 

1) Bastila (Male only)


Part 1: Kiss with Bastila

Bastila decides to give in to her emotions, and asks you to kiss her

Part 2: Darth Revan Returns

Bastila tempts you to the Dark Side, and professes her love for you

[Watch out for...]
You must trigger the romance before the Leviathan. If you don't have a kiss scene (or her confessing her love for you) by then, the plot will end. 

Once you have a kiss scene, don't speak to her about it! There's a bug which will kill the romance. You can confirm her love on the Temple Summit if you choose the right option as shown in Part 2.

2) Carth (Female only)


Part 1: Future with Carth

You and Carth talk about the future and love

Part 2: Revan's Final Choice

After you resisted the Dark Side, Carth & you profess love for each other

[Watch out for...]
After the Leviathan, talk to Carth until he opens up about you being Revan. If the scene in
Part 1 doesn't occur, you didn't trigger the romance with him.

If you choose the Dark Side path on the Temple Summit, the scene in Part 2 will be replaced by the Dark Side outcome. If you have already triggered the scene in Part 1, you'll have to kill him on the Star Forge after defeating Malak.

3) Juhani

(This section will be updated once I make videos)


  1. Do you know if a Dark Side or neutral female character can trigger the romance with Carth ? Thank you.

    1. No, a Dark Side female character is essentially how you get a romance with Juhani.

      (Assuming that you have completed all the crew-members sidequests, including helping Juhani KILL the guy from Taris who tried to buy her)

      In the battle with Bastila on Lehon (sorry, unknown world) make any choices that create the decision NOT to make Bastila join you and kill the others.
      When Bastila runs off to her G-Wing anf flies off to the Star Forge, talk to Juhani and she will tell you she "cares for you". This is the game creators way of hiding a lesbian-based romance, but the way the dialogue is spoken is an indication that she LOVES you! A Cathar as a love interest is great, and I have no idea why this wasnt a MAIN love interest instead of the typical Carth/Bastila choices.
      I also think Mission should have been a choice, maybe for a Light Side Male. (I have only ever got Bastila as a Dark Side Male)

      I am experimenting, but I have no idea if a Light/Dark MALE character can have any other love interest except Bastila.

    2. Although, I got Juhani by making these choices:

      Getting the Star Maps on Manaan, Kashyyyk and Tattoine.
      Doing ALL character side quests except Carth.

      Leaving Korriban until LAST will mean you dont reunite Carth with Dustil until AFTER the Leviathan.
      This STOPS you getting Carth as a love interest (I think)

      As I said above, choosing not to side with Bastila and kill the others causes you to get Juhani as a "love" interest.

      The conversation you have with Juhani at this point can be found on my Youtube video:

    3. Not true about Dark Side Fem for Juhani. I played a very straight Light Side Fem and triggered the Juhani romance. I found it kind of lame because it's pretty much near the end of the game. At least Bastila's romance can be triggered midway, and of course at the Temple if you are Dark Side.

    4. In any case, yes, you can get a dark side female romance with Carth. And if you do it, he will show up after you kill Darth Malak at the Star Forge to try to persuade you to turn back to the light, and you will ruthlessly kill him.

      One thing that can happen to block your progress is the side quest of saving Carth's son. If that is initiated by meeting Jordo at one of the ports, go immediately to Korriban and save his son. He will become unresponsive until you do so, which will prevent you from getting the additional important dialogs. Be sure to save his son at that point too, rather than killing him, because if his son dies, the romance quest will fail.

  2. I am trying to remain neutral, but I was also trying for the Carth storyline, and I don't remember seeing anything about love or a "future with him" in the dialogues up to this point. The beach scene also didn't happen. But, I saved his son and the conversations have all been positive/slightly teasing, so I don't see how the storyline could have ended. Any thoughts?

    1. I had the same issue. Although watching all the "Romance Carth" clips I can with Carth on You Tube. I am guessing the dialogue choices I picked were the wrong ones because it didn't trigger. :(

      I have had an easier time triggering the Bastila Romance and the slightly lame Juhani romance than Carth's. Total bummer. I installed some mods for Carth Romance for both Dark Side and Light Side. options. I am hoping next play through I can trigger it. I've been looking for a guide to try it. Right now I've totally peeved off Carth by playing Dark Side male. Course being dark will please Bastila later on. :)

  3. Do you need a certain amount of persuade skill in order for the love sequences to work? Especially for Bastila at the star forge?

  4. I finally found a "influence" guide to KOTOR 1. I was only getting TSL results.